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Friday, November 19, 2004

For A Good Time...

This sounds like a really good time. I just love this kind of thing and wish we'd see stuff like this in America more often than we do...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Wow. I have just stumbled across a wonderful piece of music here recently. "Trombonology" by Tommy Dorsey is a fun piece that would challege the most advanced player. I stumbled across this piece while looking at websites for different trombone players. This particular site had a MIDI file in which this particular player was showcasing his own solo trombone with piano arrangment. I have to admit I listened to this file and was blown away. I have since been back several times just to listen to this piece of music and have become enthralled. Where was this piece of music when I was in college? Shame on you Mr. F L. Shame on you Mr. K S (you still have not earned your "doctor" title in my opionion). You at WSU school of music did not let me know. You did not alert me that this piece of music was out there. Had I known about this piece, I would have wanted to attempt to play it. It is definitely a challenging piece, but as I have been listening to it over and over again, I am finding it a fun piece of music that I wish that I had know about much earlier.

I now have a copy of the music. I am going to work on it on my own. However, I am not playing as much as I was back in college because I just don't have the time. It would have been fun to try this piece when I was playing every day and at my best.

When I started reading the comments, I realized that I did not include the link where I found all of this information. Hat tip to the commentors. Here is the link where I first discovered the information on Trombonology. This link includes trombone part, trombone and piano part, and a midi file of the performance of Trombonology. Site owner is Benjamin Coy and this is his arrangement of the trombone and piano part. The website link is http://www.tenorposaune.com/music/Trombonology.php
Hope that you enjoy.